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STEM Takes Flight!

These classroom-ready kits, along with the included STEM activities, seamlessly blend the thrill of rocketry with curriculum-aligned activities, turning science lessons into epic adventures! Students will apply scientific concepts in a hands-on way while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they build and experiment. 

Roto Rocket Flight Sequence

The Roto Rocket

After reaching dizzying heights, the rocket descends, spiraling like a helicopter rotor, while the body of the rocket gently lands with a parachute. Two different sets of helicopter recovery blades allow for engaging experiments on descent time and the principles of lift.

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Tri Flyer Rocket Launch

The Tri-Flyer

Perfect for budding space explorers, the Tri-Flyer provides a platform for experimentation with fin design. With three different fin shapes and two engines, students can conduct practical investigations into aerodynamics, determining the optimal design for speed, altitude, and stability.

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