What is a Model Rocket Engine?

What is a Model Rocket Engine?

Estes model rocket engines are used to safely launch a model rocket into the air. They are factory-assembled and comply with the safety requirements of the National Association of Rocketry. They are single use and range in power from A to F sizes. The engine is started using an electrical launch system that is powered by alkaline batteries.

Components of a Model Rocket Engine

Components of a model rocket engine


How Does a Model Rocket Engine Work?

1. When the engine is started, it produces thrust and boosts the rocket into the sky.

model rocket engine

2. After the propellant is used up, the delay is activated, producing tracking smoke and allowing the rocket to coast

model rocket engine

3. After the delay is used, the ejection charge is activated, which deploys the recovery system, such as a parachute or streamer.

model rocket engine

How to Prepare Your Rocket Engine for a Safe Launch

1. Use the plug to secure the starter into the engine nozzle of your rocket engine.

preparing model rocket engine

2. Make sure the starter is inserted into the engine nozzle and touches the propellant, then insert the plug.

closeup of a plug inside a model rocket engine


Are Model Rockets Safe?

Yes! Flying model rockets is actually safer than playing soccer or football! The key to safely flying model rockets is to follow the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Model Rocket Safety Code


How Do I Start?

If you've never carried model rockets in your store, we recommend to keep things simple with our Starter and Launch Sets! Starter sets include everything needed to launch, including engines – all conveniently packaged in one box! Launch sets also come with everything needed minus the engines.

To make it easy, we've created a collection that includes some popular choices for starter/launch sets and all options can use the same engines, making things easier for you and your customers!

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