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EST 1225

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A Rocket That Stands the Test of Time

There must be a reason why millions of model rocketeers have bought this rocket for over three decades. With its high quality components, easy assembly, and reliable performance, the Estes Alpha rocket is the all time leading entry level rocket! This is the place to start if you are brand new to rocketry.

Easy Assembly and High Quality Components:

The Alpha is a great introduction to sanding and painting, making it a perfect step up from one of our ready to fly plastic kits. Even if you are a master rocketeer, you will find nostalgic joy in building and launching this Estes classic! Many of our customers purchase multiple Alpha's and build an entire Alpha fleet using different paint schemes. How cool is that?

Building this awesome rocket takes about an afternoon and flying is just as easy and enjoyable. When powered with a C engine, the rocket can reach cloud topping altitudes of 1000 feet. Recovery of this aerodynamic wonder is accomplished with a colorful 12 inch parachute.

Estes Alpha rocket is the best place to start for young rocket enthusiasts. Teachers and group leaders looking for exciting STEM (Science Technology Education Math) activities should look no further than the Alpha Bulk Pack to introduce students to the world of rocketry. Rocketry will hook any student who tries this rocket.

Its suggested color scheme and classy red, white and blue decals are as American as you can get. You'll feel patriotic building this sleek and colorful rocket as well as flying it.

A Rocket That Will Last for Generations:

Finally, the Alpha has been a staple in the Estes catalog for years, and will be for generations to come. The reason? It is easy to build, looks awesome, and is a great performer on the launch site. You can't ask for a better starter rocket, so get an Alpha and start flying today!

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