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AstroCam® Starter Set

AstroCam® Starter Set

EST 5325

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Must be purchased in master packs of 2

Ever wonder what the view is like from 900 feet high? Well, wonder no more! The Astrocam Starter Set includes everything you need to capture real-life audio and video from a rocket in flight. Capture your aerial video adventures or plan your high-altitude science experiments with this flyer.

With all parts pre-finished, Astrocam rocket goes together quickly and can be ready to fly the same day. No sanding and painting required. A specially engineered nosecone houses the camera during flight to capture the sights and sounds of every launch. For flight stability, plastic fins and motor mount are designed to align perfectly upon assembly.

Start the camera while this rocket is still on the pad and begin recording audio and video onto the attached 16GB SD Memory Card. At launch, the camera captures the breathtaking sights and sounds of lift-off and recovery from on-board the rocket itself. You’ll get straight sights and sounds treat every time you launch!

Ready to watch your aerial video masterpiece or view your experimental flight data? Remove the HD video camera from the Astrocam Starter Set nose cone and insert it into the USB port of any computer for instant playback. What a sight!

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