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EST 2169

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Looking for an easy and fast way to get started with model rocketry? The Dragonite snap-together rocket kit is the perfect solution!

Some key features of the Dragonite include:

  • Snap-together design: No glue or paint needed with the Dragonite kit. Its uniquely molded plastic fins allow for quick and easy assembly in just a few minutes, making it a great option for young or new rocketeers who want to get flying as soon as possible.

  • Colorful and attractive design: The Dragonite rocket features a pre-colored body tube and easy-to-apply die-cut decals, making it a visually appealing addition to your rocket collection.

  • High-performance flight profile:  Despite the Dragonite's easy and simple building process, it can still reach impressive heights of up to 925 feet with Estes standard model rocket engines.

  • Its lightweight design and smooth shape allow for smooth and stable flights.

  • Parachute recovery system: After reaching its maximum altitude, the Dragonite rocket will safely descend back to Earth with the help of its included colorful 12-inch parachute. This feature allows for repeated launches and flights.

With its snap-together design, attractive appearance, and high-performance capabilities, the Dragonite rocket kit is an excellent choice for both newcomers and experienced rocketeers alike.


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