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EDU Large Parts Assortment

EDU Large Parts Assortment

EST 1981

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Rise to the engineering challenge with this parts assortment! This bundle contains all the rocket parts and accessories you need to build up to two rockets that can fit a large egg. This parts assortment includes 2 different nose cone shapes to test and balsa wood to create your own fin designs. Engineer to success with this parts bundle.

  • Over 50 pieces
  • Balsa wood for fin design
  • Parts for 2 rockets
  • Create your own design
  • Payload capable

A large parts assortment designed to launch a large egg with a D or E engine. The parts included are BT-80 body tubes, BT-80 couplers, nose cones (2 different designs), engine mount kits, parachutes, shock cords and mounts, launch lugs, and balsa. This assortment includes enough materials for 2 complete rockets and is a great engineering activity to design, create, and launch your own rocket design. If new to rocketry, consider building a beginner or intermediate Estes kit to learn the basics of rocket construction and flight before designing from scratch with this assortment!

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