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EST 1250

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The Estes Interceptor model rocket is an innovative and advanced kit that offers a unique experience for hobbyists interested in space and science fiction.

Some key features of the Interceptor model rocket include:

  • The rocket's advanced defense systems; including photon and laser arms. This makes it a unique addition to any collection and offers a glimpse into the future of space investigation.
  • The ION drive technology allows the rocket to embark on long-lasting tours. Thus, making it a flexible and functional rocket that can go the distance.
  • The Interceptor model rocket kit includes quality parts. These parts contain laser-cut balsa wood, which ensures the durability of the rocket and makes it easy to build.
  • The kit includes two colorful waterslide decals and complete plastic parts. These parts add to the rocket's realistic and futuristic appearance, including the nose cone, wing pods, and tail cone.
  • With its ability to soar to heights of over 500 feet, the Interceptor rocket is a high-performance model rocket that provides a thrilling experience for hobbyists.
  • The 18-inch parachute system ensures a soft landing for the rocket, making it easy to recover and reuse for future launches.
  • The futuristic design of the Interceptor model rocket is sure to turn heads at any launch site, and hobbyists are sure to receive applause on this impressive model rocket.
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