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Journey™ Launch Set

Journey™ Launch Set

EST 1441

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Do you marvel at humankind’s achievements in space as we here at Estes do? When you look at the moon, do you wonder at the ingenuity that took man there? Even now, NASA continues to push past the it-can-never-be-done limits with their InSight Mission, whose aim is to explore, for the first time, the deep interior of Mars. Thrilling stuff! The Journey model rocket kit is an amazing starter kit for the explorer in you!

We invite you to take this Journey! Be a rocketeer and experience that wonder with your own craft. Moreover, this classically designed, Beginner skill level rocket will thrill every time you launch it into the blue.

Here are some key features of the Journey model rocket:

  • Powered by Estes model rocket engines (sold separately), the Journey can soar up to 1100 feet.

  • Pre-colored parts and easy self-stick decal make this launch set a perfect choice for novice modelers.

  • Includes Estes Porta-Pad II launch pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller in the launch system.

Don't miss out on the fun and excitement of launching your own rocket with the Journey model rocket. Besides, this rocket is designed for beginners and is easy to assemble, making it a great choice for anyone looking to get started in the world of rocketry.

In conclusion, with the included launch system, you'll have everything you need to launch your rocket and experience the thrill of seeing it soar into the sky. Order your Journey model rocket today and start your own journey into the exciting world of rocketry!

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