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Space Corps™ Lunar Scout™

Space Corps™ Lunar Scout™


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The Lunar Scout series of remote, robotic space probes was crucial to the success of the new lunar landing program of the late 2020s. This automated craft had a single, critical directive: to map the moon’s surface in exacting detail. The purpose was to identify sites for the "Second Giant Leap" lunar missions.

Designed to be inexpensive to manufacture and proven reliable after more than a dozen flawless lunar landing and mapping missions. Space Corps later adapted the rocket for exploration of Mars and its moons, Phobos and Deimos. Therefore, the adaptation allowed for exploration of Mars and its twin moons Phobos and Deimos.

The Estes Lunar Scout rocket is a lightweight model of a future historic space probe. It will play an important role in humanity’s return to the moon. With just enough detail to make this a fun but challenging build, the Lunar Scout is right for all levels of model rocket crafters.

This Intermediate-Level kit includes laser-cut cardstock fins and other parts to create an amazing flying model rocket. Intricately designed water-slide decals add an additional note of realism. The full-size Lunar Scout may not actually exist quite yet. Despite this, rocket looks real enough to do the job now!

Estes Lunar Scout Rocket: A Great Small Field Flyer

  • Compact and lightweight, the Estes Lunar Scout flies well on smaller engines.
  • You can expect the Estes A10-0T mini engine to reach a maximum altitude of 200 feet. Moreover, there are also engine options available for lower altitude flights.
  • The Lunar Scout has a featherweight recovery system, allowing it to land unharmed and be ready for another engine and flight.
  • With relatively low altitude launches and a rapid featherweight recovery, the Lunar Scout makes for a great small field flyer.

No need to wait for NASA to create their Lunar Scout – build and fly yours today!

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