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Super Mars Snooper™

Super Mars Snooper™

EST 7309

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Super Mars Snooper rocket kit was originally released in 1965 and earned the cover of the first ever, full color Estes Catalogue in 1966! So, based on this, we stayed true to the original in every way that matters.

Mars Snooper is an Expert build, as was the original. We made it even a little larger! The sleek and futuristic design was ahead of its time in 1966. Not to mention, the concept of a nuclear-powered rocket was novel and barely discussed. But, we made sure to stay true with this super rocket.

A nuclear powered rocket would be able to remain in space for years, maybe decades. Therefore, in 1966, a nuclear powered rocket was merely an exercise in fantasy. With the research vessel in mind, the initial mission for the unmanned probe was to do exhaustive research on one of the moons of Mars, Diemos.

Today these technologies are being proven and developed. With this model rocket, Estes looked to the future and dreamed of the rocket technology the world would see as the decades went on.

In addition, Super Mars Snooper rocket stands well over 2 feet tall and flies to 400 feet on a C11-3.

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