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U.S. Army Patriot M-104

U.S. Army Patriot M-104

EST 2056

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What a classic! That’s what you’ll get with the Estes U.S. Army Patriot M-104 rocket. This 1:10 scale model rocket of the desert hero and mother-of-all air defense missiles is based on the U.S. M-104 surface-air missile.

Now, you have the chance to launch a model rocket using Estes standard engines and watch it soar to heights of up to 600 feet. The U.S. Army Patriot M-104 Rocket is a perfect option to build for your first scale model rocket.

This Desert Storm Veteran features a top notch, two piece body tube as well as authentic replica self-stick decals. The U.S. Army Patriot M-104 is easy to build and can be finished in a single morning or afternoon.

This classic scale model can fly up to 600 feet high on Estes standard model rocket engines and recovers with a 12 inch parachute. So, if you don't have this one, get it. It's a scale ARMY classic that every rocketeer should have in their rocket arsenal.

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