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EST 2495

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Get ready for some serious rocket envy with the Chiller flying model rocket! Featuring an aqua chrome nose cone that will turn heads, this rocket is truly one-of-a-kind. But that's not all! Add a matching fin to the mix and you have a rocket that will undoubtedly become the talk of your collection.

Don't let its stylish appearance fool you, though. The Chiller flying model rocket is not just a pretty face.

  • It packs a serious punch when it comes to performance.
  • It's capable of reaching altitudes of up to 600 feet with ease.

Finally, if you really want to see it soar, simply add a BT-55 booster and a D12-0 booster engine, and watch as it climbs to new heights, soaring way past 1,300 feet!

With its unique design and impressive performance capabilities, the Chiller rocket is a must-have for any serious rocket enthusiast. So why settle for an ordinary rocket when you can have the extraordinary? Add the Chiller flying model rocket to your collection today and prepare to turn heads at your next launch event!

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