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Destination Mars™ Colonizer™ Starter Set

Destination Mars™ Colonizer™ Starter Set

EST 5322

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Must be purchased in master packs of 2

History of Destination Mars Colonizer

Getting to Mars is tough. Staying there is even tougher. Moreover, the first five Mars Expeditions were short-stay, exploratory landings. These missions were laying the groundwork for something bigger: a permanent Mars base. Later, on July 31, 2044, Mars Expedition Six touched-down at Chryse Planitia using a modified MAV (Mars Ascent Vehicle) Lander.

Once safely on the surface, this MAV variant, designated “The Colonizer,” was not equipped to lift-off again. To increase cargo capacity, the Colonizer removed extra mass of the ascent engine and ascent fuel.

However, it could carry the critical supplies for the first Mars base. The Colonizer was humanity’s declaration that we had come to the red planet to stay!

Exploring Mars

Mars may be tough, but the Estes Destination Mars Colonizer Starter Set isn’t. The Beginner-Level Colonizer kit goes together quickly – no cutting, sanding, or painting required! Besides, all rocket parts, from the detail molded nosecone, to the realistic landing struts are pre-finished and ready to install. All you will need isa little glue! Even the body tube comes pre-wrapped with an intricate, full color, custom printed graphic.

This is a model that everyone will notice! Comes equipped with great functional details, too, like the threaded engine mount and large, 18 inch parachute. It’s hard to find a cooler easy-to assemble rocket than the Mars Colonizer!

But this is so much more than just a great looking rocket! The Estes starter set includes almost everything you need to launch your Mars Colonizer on its own simulated mission to the red planet. Set up the Estes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and prep your rocket for flight with an included Estes C6-3 engine, a model rocket starter, engine plug, and recovery wadding.

Finally, carefully connect the leads from the Electron Beam Launch Controller (four AA-batteries, not included) to the starter, step back a safe distance, and you’re ready for countdown and liftoff! Create your own missions and explore the sky and beyond…Mars is waiting for you!

Short Summary:

  • The Destination Mars Colonizer Starter Set is a great way to inspire interest in space exploration and model rocketry.
  • The kit is designed to be easy to assemble, making it accessible for beginners and younger model rocket enthusiasts.
  • The realistic details of the rocket make it a great display piece, whether it's on a shelf or in a classroom.
  • The included launch equipment allows for multiple launches and the opportunity to experiment with different launch configurations.
  • The simulated mission to Mars adds an educational element to the experience, inspiring curiosity about space travel and the challenges of colonizing other planets.



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