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Destination Mars™ MAV™

Destination Mars™ MAV™

EST 7283

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Talking about Destination Mars Rocket: Once again, American engineers and astronauts are being put to the test as they work towards answering the call to land humans on Mars by 2033. Estes answers the call to bring the space race to budding astronauts and enthusiasts worldwide, just like in 1958.

Meet the first release in Estes' series Destination Mars, the Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV)! This lightweight and decorated rocket delights kids and adults while tracking NASA's achievements in reaching the next frontier. Imaginations may soar to Mars, but this MAV stays in the earth's atmosphere.

Here are the main features of Destination Mars Rocket:

  • As a beginner rocket, the MAV is easy to assemble and a great way to introduce kids and adults to the world of rocketry.
  • Designers have created the MAV to reach heights of 250 feet on a C6-3 engine. Thus, making it a perfect flyer for smaller launch sites.
  • The MAV is the first release in Estes' series Destination Mars.

Additionally, the company will release more rockets in the series in the future. This will bring enthusiasts even more options to explore the final frontier.

The MAV is perfect for smaller launch sites. Ideal for enhancing aerospace and outer space educational programs.

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