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EST 804

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The Firehawk model rocket is the perfect way to ignite your passion for rocketry. With mini engines powering this dynamo, the Firehawk is capable of reaching extreme launch heights of 550 feet.

Here are some additional details about this exciting kit:

  • Beginner level: The Firehawk is one of our Beginner level kits, which means it's perfect for rocket enthusiasts who are just starting out. You'll be able to assemble the kit and get it ready to fly in about an hour, so you can start launching your Firehawk right away!

  • Eye-catching design: The streamlined shape of the Firehawk is hard to miss on the launch pad or in the sky. Moreover, with its bright red, pre-colored plastic fins and nose cone, the Firehawk is sure to turn heads at your next launch event.

  • Colorful decals: To make your Firehawk even more visually striking, we've included a colorful, self-stick decal set. These decals are easy to apply and will enhance the look of your mini missile.

  • Gentle return: After a thrilling, high-altitude flight, the Firehawk returns to Earth gently on a colorful 12-inch parachute. This ensures that your rocket will be easy to recover and ready for another launch.

  • Ideal for group activities: The Firehawk is a terrific model rocket for scout, club, or school activities. Whether you're launching with friends or as part of a group event, the Firehawk is sure to impress.

Don't wait to get your own Firehawk model rocket from Estes. With its eye-catching design, easy assembly, and thrilling launches, the Firehawk is the perfect way to start your rocketry journey.

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