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Green Eggs Classroom Kit

Green Eggs Classroom Kit

EST 9425

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The PocketLab is born from the desire to bring capable, affordable data recording to your classroom. Combined with rocketry, it can create exciting and engaging classroom experiences. Take the excitement of a rocket launch, and leverage the PocketLab to engage in a data driven, engineering process.

Additionally, you can use the PocketLabto collect a variety of flight data such as altitude and velocity. This helps both you and your students understand the results of your flight.

Green Eggs Classroom Kit challenging egg lofting

The Green Eggs Classroom Kit bundle enables egg lofting in addition to using the Pocketlab. Egg lofting can be a challenging and engaging activity in rocketry. The Green Eggs Classroom Kit from Estes makes this challenge available to builders of all skill levels. This challenge can be as simple as the attempt, but can include an exploration of recovery systems and descent rates.
Challenge your students to find the optimal recovery system for bringing the eggs down quickly. The system should also keep the eggs intact upon touchdown.

In summary:

  • The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) often uses eggs as a part of egg lofting. Not to mention, it is a very popular activity in rocketry.
  • The Green Eggs rocket is an ideal starting point for egg lofting and can lead students towards more complex rocketry goals.
  • In model rocketry, an egg is the simulation of the need to slow down the descent of astronauts as they return to Earth.
  • The use of eggs in rocketry highlights the fragility of humans when dealing with the immense velocities and forces involved in spaceflight.
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