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EST 7280

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Meeting all expectations set by its legendary name, the Gryphon model glider kit will be the “King of the Air”. The Gryphon can soar to the height of  up to 700 feet on an A10-3T engine.

Upon hitting apogee, a colorful streamer acts as a tracking and recovery device to show where the rocket will land.

While in flight, Gryphon’s stealthy glider moves magically across the sky to serve as a protector to everything below and will gracefully return to earth to be readied for another flight.

Made from thin paper tubing and laser-cut balsa, the Gryphon model is a step above a starter rocket that can be enjoyed by all skill levels. In about two hours, including painting time, rocketeers will build a rocket that will garner attention in both the air and when on display.

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