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LEO Space Train™

LEO Space Train™

EST 7285

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The Challenges of Space Flight

In space flight, the first 100 miles are the toughest. It takes an enormous amount of energy to climb out of Earth's gravity and accelerate to orbital speeds. But it's at low earth orbit, or LEO, where most satellites operate, including the Leo Space Train, a proposed system for transporting people and cargo around the Earth using a train-like network of spacecraft traveling in a low Earth orbit.

Introducing the LEO Space Train

The LEO Space Train would provide a more efficient and cost-effective means of transportation compared to traditional rocket launches, making space travel more accessible and sustainable in the long run.

Enter the LEO Space Train, an innovative, reusable winged space plane now under development by the U.S. aerospace industry. Its design enables it to travel to the edge of space where it releases a piggy-back mounted, second-stage booster.

After release, the booster ignites and places the satellite payload into LEO. The LEO Space Train can be launched, recovered, and prepped for a new orbital delivery mission all in the same day.

You will enjoy bringing to life the eye-catching features that fill this impressive model rocket. The Estes LEO Space Train kit includes precision-cut balsa fin and wing panels with laser-etched details. The non-functional booster attaches to the upper surface of the main body-tube on miniature launch rails and looks like it could separate and lift away at any moment!

The Design and Functionality of the LEO Space Train

Authentic-looking plastic engine nozzles adorn the tail ends of both the powered host rocket and the non-powered booster. A sheet of different colors water slide decals with the custom LEO Space Train “lion” graphic and logo add that last touch of realism.

While the real-life counterpart to the LEO Space Train glides home to a wheels-down landing, the finished Estes kit launches and lands as a traditional model rocket.

This scale-like model can reach up to 300 feet (91 meters) on a single-stage C6-3 engine before returning gently to Earth under its own 18-inch parachute. The highly detailed LEO Space Train look great on the pad and on display. You’ll definitely want this one in your fleet!

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