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EST 1207

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The Estes Phantom model rocket is a great choice for classroom experiments, demonstrations, and displays. Besides, the clear plastic parts provide a realistic look at the rocket engine components and workings. Moreover, the Phantom is the perfect choice for all your classroom rocketry needs, with its sleek design and easy assembly.

Here are some additional features of the Estes Phantom model rocket:

  • Clear plastic parts. The Phantom's clear plastic parts that allow you to see the inner workings of the rocket engine. Ideal for training purposes, the Phantom allows students to closely examine the rocketry and aerospace engineering parts.

  • Easy assembly. The Phantom requires only 1 hour of time and a bit of glue to assemble. Thus, making it a simple and genuine rocket to put together. This means that you can get it ready for your classroom rocket experiments or displays in no time at all.

  • Display only. It's important to note that the Estes Phantom model rocket is designed for display only and is not a flying model. However, its realistic design and clear plastic parts make it a great choice for demonstrating the workings of a rocket engine in a classroom setting.

The Estes Phantom model rocket is an excellent choice for educators looking to engage students in rocketry and aerospace engineering. With its clear plastic parts and easy assembly, this model rocket is a great tool for classroom experiments, demonstrations, and displays. So why wait? Get your Estes Phantom model rocket today and inspire the next generation of rocket scientists!

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