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SA-2061 Sasha™

SA-2061 Sasha™

EST 7271

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The Sasha model rocket kit offers an absolute experience for hobbyists with a passion for model rocketry. Here are some unique features that make the Sasha model rocket kit stand out:

  • The kit includes a detailed assembly guide that helps even newbies put together the rocket with ease.
  • The Sasha rocket features a complete design that looks like a Russian military spaceship. Thus, making it a great addition to any space-themed collection.
  • The two-stage booster system provides a unique challenge for hobbyists who want to take their skills to the next level.
  • The durable and rugged design of the rocket makes it ideal for repeated launches. It also ensures that it can withstand the loads of high-altitude flights.
  • Hobbyists can design the rocket according to their preferences. For example, different colored paints or decals can be used to create a unique design.
  • The two D or E engines provide enough power to launch the 6.1-ounce rocket to a height of 2300 feet, offering an exciting experience for hobbyists.
  • The 18-inch parachute system ensures a safe descent for the main rocket, while the booster gently tumbles back to the ground.
  • The 31-inch tall rocket is an imposing display piece that will command respect when showcased in any hobbyist's collection.
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